Find Out More About How We Do Things

Find Out More About How We Do Things

Solar Made Simple gets the job done right in El Paso, TX

It’s all in our name. Solar Made Simple LLC. strives to make the transition to solar energy simple in El Paso, TX. Changing to a solar panel system might feel daunting initially, but we have steps in place to make the process easy. Our process typically takes around 45-60 days, and during that time we will:

  • Explain how solar power will benefit your home
  • Figure out the ideal plan for you
  • Walk you through your financing options
  • Talk to you about required upkeep

Before, during and after your installation, you can turn to us for any questions or concerns you might have. Still need more information? Call 915-313-4014 now. We work in El Paso, TX, as well as Arizona and New Mexico.

How solar panels work

Interested in switching over, but not sure how solar power works? The sun creates photons—packets of light and energy—that release energy when they hit solar panels. Solar panels absorb and store it in a battery or another energy storage device. This process is called the photovoltaic effect. Now that this energy is stored, you can use it to power anything in your home, even on a cloudy day.

The best thing about solar energy? It’s totally renewable. When you make the switch, you’ll start saving money and the environment right away.